about fontana limited

Fontana Ltd is a group concentrated on growing the highest quality roses. The group consists of four farms in the Nakuru and Nyanyuki County region of Kenya. We grow 80 varieties from various breeders around the world, concentrating on quality and new technical expertise in the field. Collectively Fontana Ltd has 140 hectares under greenhouse ranging from 2300 meters to 2600 meters above sea level. Each farm has its own unique climatic conditions allowing Fontana to have flowers from normal intermediates to very large T-hybrid roses, with its own unique colours.  We have our own propagation units across three farms producing high quality grafted and t-budded plants. Our farm mangers and staff are all qualified and embrace the new technologies that allow Fontana to be amongst the top farms in the East African Region.


Fontana Ltd ventured into the floriculture sector in 2004 to grow and export quality roses to primarily service the Global rose markets, and has been a key player in the development of the floriculture industry in Kenya. The company currently consists of four farms within the Rift Valley region of Kenya, starting out with a mere 6 hectares in 2004, and now standing at over 140 hectares with a vast with a vast number of varieties of roses in 2015. We are also proud to announce the launch of our new and latest brand DIYA, situated in Timau (Mt Kenya region), and are happy to bring a completely new range of cut roses from this region.


We take pride in our ability to consistently produce roses of the highest quality, by keeping up to date with the latest production techniques, selecting new varieties from various breeders when they are still codes, testing and developing specific varieties that suit each of our unique climatic zones, ensuring strict quality control, and taking utmost care in handling our valuable produce to ensure our roses meet the high expectations of our consumers. Each farm has its own brand defining the unique characteristics of its climatic conditions.


Recently we have diversified and introduction a stunning range of roses and other cut flowers like flowers like carnations, rananculus Peony, and Delphinium. With favorable growing conditions due to our range of altitudes Fontana’s fresh cut flowers are of high quality. Fontana is dedicated to new market trends and preferences allowing a large space for trials complimenting the ever changing markets. We take pride to delivering the latest, high quality cut flowers, which we develop together with various breeders. If the range of roses we have and are constantly improving on a supermarket range for intermediates and large intermediates, wholesale and florist range of large intermediates to large T-hybrid roses, perfumed roses range, garden shape roses range, outdoor roses range. With all these different ranges of roses, we will effectively cover all market needs (only sweetheart roses are not covered by Fontana)



Caring for the environment and the local community is of key importance to each of the over 2000 Fontana Staff. Through MPS-GAP and ETI audits, we ensure that our care for the environmental and ethical practices is met to the highest standard. 



Jointly we employ over 2000 workers creating a social responsibility to the communities around the farms allows the group to give back and contribute to a ever growing Kenya.


 "We have been awarded MPS and ETI certifications, being committed to the environment and creating ethically condusive working atmosphere for our staff." 



P O BOX. 15688 – 20100

Cell: +254 708 034229
E-mail: info@fontana.co.ke