Kenya: “Cut rose price dropped by 25%”

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Kenya: “Cut rose price dropped by 25%”

"The market for cut roses has been quite down for the last three weeks," says Arfhan Mughal of Fontana, a rose farm based in Nakuru, Kenya. According to him, the season from mid-June to mid-August is usually quite low for the Kenyan rose farmers. "Fortunately, the prices will go up by next week."

Price drops by 25%
"When the summer hits Europe, the demand for indoor flowers like roses decreases. This causes a price drop of approximately 25%," explains Mughal. Therefore the rose farm has to find other export markets. "We now had to look for markets in the Southern hemisphere, like Australia, South Africa and the Middle East," he says.

Prices higher by next week
"Fortunately, the prices will increase by next week," says Mughal. According to him, the prices will not reach the old levels immediately, but they will rise gradually. "Next week, the prices will probably increase by 10%, then 15% and will be 25% higher in about two weeks." 

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